Yard Berm System



The Yard Berm system is intended for use on a grade variation of no more than 24″ from high to low.  The capacity of the Pool Bladder will be somewhat reduced  when placed on an uneven grade.

What you will need:

  • 2×12 lumber
  • rebar stakes (included)


  1. Place Pool Bladder with the corner of the unit pointing down the fall line of the slope
  2. Slide tongue of berm plate under bladder.  One plate on each end and one every 10′ in between (see table below for required berm plates)
  3. Anchor plate with rebar stakes
  4. place 2×12 boards in groove (see picture below)
  5. Begin filling

Model Required Berm Plates
20 Square HD 6
20 Long HD 5
15 Square HD 6
10 Square HD 4