Do I Need One?

If you are a pool professional and dump perfectly good water into the sewers more than a few times a year, the answer is yes.

Not only will you be saving time and money and making your customers happy, it is not unheard of to charge a rental/service fee for additional earnings.

An Alternative to the Pop-Up Pool

Many of our dealers had been using pop-up pools for water salvaging and really hated them.  They are hard to work with, hard to set up, prone to tipping and spilling and hard to pack up.

The setup time for a Pool Bladder is about 5 minutes and they can be packed up in about 15 minutes.  They are more rugged than a pop-up pool and make better use of the area with their rectangular design.  They are easier to use thanks to the fill-sleeve too.

Liner Replacements

When we were developing the Pool Bladder™ this was our primary intention because we make (really great) liners.

As a liner manufacturer, it’s tough to hear how cut-throat the competition is out there.  It seems that homeowners choose price over reputation, and if you think about it, it makes sense — these are tough economic times and people want a good deal.

We think you can keep your profits and still compete with the cheap guy by offering the Pool Bladder service to your customers.  A lot of times you can charge for this service and still save your customer money on the bottom line.

Water Truck

You barely have to even think for a second to realize this is where the big savings comes in.  If you’ve been relying on trucked in water you must have a Pool Bladder™ There’s no other way to say it.  It is truly a no-brainer.  It will pay for itself on the first job.

City Water

So lets just forget about the obvious cost savings in this scenario (water, chemicals) for a second.  Do you realize you could finish the job and collect payment the day of the liner change?  What do you think it is worth to the homeowner to loose only half of one day of swimming?  And when they do start swimming (that very same day) the water will be as warm as it was before the liner change.

Ground Water Issues

Ever find yourself on the jobsite, the pool freshly pumped out and you notice the liner is floating right-away and you think to yourself, “I need to get this done fast!”  If you had a Pool Bladder™ on the job it would be like having a water truck at the ready.

Liner Floats

Now it is easier than ever to re-set a floated liner.

Environmental Concerns

Avoid heavy fines or costly permits in environmentally protected areas.

New Pool Construction

You can stage these at the job site before hand.  If the site is on city water, you can start filling the Pool Bladders™ ahead of time.  When the liner is set in place, simply start pumping and your customer will be ready to swim that day.